The Grounded Growth Network

Biodiversity. Health. Prosperity

Get Off the Sidelines. 

Use Your Purchasing Power to  Regenerate Our Food System

Join the Grounded Growth Mighty Network — Become friends with the farmers, food companies, chefs and soil health experts on the front line of growing healthier food for you and the planet. 

Use what you learn to find better food for you and create demand for a better food system for us all.

What You Get:

  • Knowledge & Expert Advice In a Private, Facilitated Setting

    • What's really behind all those better food marketing claims?  What's real and what's not?
    • What's the difference between organic, sustainable and regenerative?  
    • What is regenerative agriculture?  How can it add health to food and help heal the planet?
  • Connected to Farmers, Food Companies, Chefs & Soil Health Experts

    • See pictures from farmers working to make their soil healthier
    • Get to know food companies working to bring better food to market
    • Ask questions about growing and making food from chefs and soil health experts
    • Read and discuss key topics related to improving the health of our food (like nutrient density) and our environment
  • Easy & Affordable Access 

    • Stay informed and easily connect with our community on your smartphone or tablet using our Mighty Network App.
    • Choose which plan is right for you.  Plans start as low as $9.99/month
    • Try out any of our plans for free with our 3-day trial

Go Deeper When You Are Ready

Join Our Builders Circle to Help Bring Regenerative Products to Market

  • Knowledge and connections to help farmers and food companies bring regenerative agriculture to market
  • Strategy, research and messaging support for creating verified regenerative products WITHOUT another certification
  • Find regenerative farmers and food ingredients to add to your supply chain
  • Monthly Builders Video Call to learn from other experts in our network
  • Builders Video + Article Library with always available video and presentation resources to help build your regenerative supply chain

    We break through the noise, the marketing and the greenwashing. 

    Our community is THE unique resource you need to explore, adopt and support a way of growing food that can restore our health and our environment.  Together, we can make real change.


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