We're creating a tribe that transforms the way food is grown.

Go beyond marketing, beyond organic. Get regenerative. Reconnecting the fork to the farm!

Grounded Growth Network

What You Get

  • Access to the Grounded Growth Mighty Network — It’s like having access to your own consultant on the emerging trend of regenerative agriculture paired with a private, even-better version of Facebook without all the negativity
    • We enforce a code of conduct that maintains a positive space to learn, explore and grow.  
    • Learn about and discuss the key topics connected to the regenerative movement and how they can apply to your life.  
    • Engage with experts from our Builder Level membership (farmers, food companies, chefs, etc) and like-minded people both near you and across the world.  
  • Monthly Regenerative Consumers Video Call — Explore a new topic each month to help you learn about regenerative agriculture, apply it to your life and find ways to buy regeneratively-grown ingredients and products that benefit you and the environment.  Our calls feature interviews with our Builder Members (farmers, food companies and chefs bringing regenerative to market).
  • Learning Roadmap — We’ve designed a recommended pathway for learning about regenerative and how it can benefit you.  Don’t guess where our great content is — get guided right to where you want to go.
  • Regenerative Workbook — Each month we release a workbook chapter in our Regenerative Library that helps you master the topic from our monthly call.  
  • Our Regenerative Library —  Access our original content -- educational videos,  monthly workbook chapters and articles organized to help you become the kind of consumer that can really make a difference.  Watch or listen to interviews with farmers, soil scientists, chefs, emerging food companies and much more.  It’s like a “Nerdy Netflix — without all the doom and gloom.
  • Easy Access Through Our App —  Stay informed and easily connect with our community on your smartphone or tablet using our Mighty Network App.
  • Discounted Pricing / First Access to Online Courses -- We will be adding new in-depth content as courses.  Your membership will let you easily access the courses without creating another account and you will receive a member discount on these courses if you decide to take them.

Why Join Us?


We break through the noise, the marketing and the greenwashing. 

We provide the food, health and farming answers you’ve been looking for by connecting you to the people (our Regenerative Builders) who are growing regeneratively-grown crops and bringing regeneratively-grown food to market!

Our community is THE unique resource you need to explore and adopt this intensely positive new trend. 

In addition to benefiting yourself and your family -- when you engage with and support our "tip-of-the-spear" brands working with our regenerative farmers, you play a critical part transforming our food system!


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